Our fees

Our fee is dependent on the complexity of your situation as well as your needs and requirements.

The initial discussion

Our charging structure is based on the amount of work and the help you need. First meetings are at our expense with no commitment. We’ll use this opportunity to get to know you and the scale of your project. At the end of that meeting we’ll be able to offer a firm quote so you can have peace of mind against unexpected bills or costs.

Fixed fee financial plans

Once we know how much work is involved we’ll agree on our fee. Our planning fees are based on the amount and the complexity of the work involved.

We feel this is fairer and means our relationship is with you and not with your money. It also differentiates ourselves from the vast majority of financial advisers and planners.


If you choose for us to go ahead and implement your financial plan, we will charge a maximum of 1% implementation fee on any money you invest.

Having us take care of implementation pulls the responsibility away from you and you can be sure that your finances are taken care of. This leaves us shouldering the burden, and you being free to enjoy your life.

Ongoing service

Like navigating a journey, a financial plan requires periodic review and adjustment based on changes in your circumstance. Where investments are made, ongoing monitoring is needed to ensure they remain suitable to your needs.

If appropriate for your needs the fee for this service will be agreed up front. Both it and the service can be cancelled at any time.

Our ongoing service typically includes:

  • Regular reviews of your plan to ensure it remains on track to achieve your aspirations

  • Changes to your plan if required

  • Reviews of investment performance and any subsequent changes required

  • Ongoing advice to ensure your affairs are as tax efficient as possible

  • Support with administration issues