Behavioural finance

Some of your biases might prevent you from reaching your goal. Our aim is to prevent this happening.

Behavioural finance

At our core we add value by helping clients understand how they think about and treat money. We help you understand how behaviour and subsequent decisions impact on your future financial success.

We firmly believe, through both experience and constant study, that investor behaviour is by far the most important factor in successfully reaching a goal. Here we don’t subscribe to timing markets or the newest flashy investment. Instead we utilise rigorous process and research, combined with a cool head when all around are telling us we should panic.

Although behavioural finance sounds modern, it’s really not. It’s been around for a long time and we think it gives our clients that added bit of perspective to help make the right decisions for them.

As humans we’re all prone to our own biases and sometimes we make decisions based on emotion rather than the cold hard facts. We don’t want to “solve” this, rather help you understand them in the broader context of your current and future wealth.

When you have an appreciation of your existing biases you can then start making more informed choices which lead to a positive impact on managing your wealth. The result? You’re more likely to achieve you goals.

A few examples of the biases you may experience are:

  • Herding bias: A psychological phenomenon in which clients believe a course of action is the right one because ‘everybody else’ is doing it regardless of your own objectives.

  • Loss aversion: Client’s tendency to have a preference to avoiding losses as opposed to acquiring equivalent gains.