Mr Nagarajah

Hi, my name is Kanna, I’ve been with Calton Wealth pretty much from the beginning. So, about two years now. I initially started dealing with Tom Ham, and now I deal with Josh as well.

The reason for getting in touch with Calton Wealth is that, over time, I’ve been thinking about how I can make my money work better for me, and probably like a lot of people, I thought just putting money into savings and trying to put money aside every month is the natural thing to do. It’s what I learned, but speaking with Tom, I learned that, actually, you can make your money work better for you.

Talking to Calton Wealth, the idea is to plan for my future, but also plan for the now as well, have a portfolio that I can access, if and when it’s needed, but also be able to plan for the future and hopefully not have to work as long as you might have to in the current climate.

My friend, Lucy, who does my tax accounting, had been going on at me to try and do more with my money. She mentioned Tom and Calton Wealth, and in speaking with Tom, he was like, “Well, there are a number of options. Financial planning and investing shouldn’t be scary”.

Having worked with Calton Wealth for the last two years, I’m seeing that the money I put in seems to be working for me, I get to see that it’s working for me also, with all my future planning, my retirement ideas and plans. Tom has been really good at trying to steer me in the right direction, helping me minimise my losses and maximise my gains.

My father was quite old-fashioned and he’s like, “you need to save a lot of money and, sometimes you can’t enjoy all the things in life.” Whereas, talking with Tom and Josh at Calton Wealth, I found that I can do both. I can enjoy my life, as well as be financially responsible for the future.

Three words that I would use to describe Calton Wealth would be: trustworthy, empathetic and friendly.

The best thing I can say about working with Calton Wealth Management is that they have massively broadened my knowledge of what it is to plan for my future and to make my money work better for me.

The best piece of advice that both Tom and Josh have given me has been, don’t put aside more than you can, because you have to maintain the lifestyle that you want to maintain. You don’t have to compromise on your lifestyle.

I personally would absolutely recommend Calton Wealth, and I have recommended Calton Wealth to some of my friends and even my work colleagues who are starting to think about their financial future.

I'm able to maintain the lifestyle I want while planning out my ideal financial future.