Prof. Hansom

My name is Professor Jim Hansom. I’ve been a client of Calton Wealth Management for several years now, maybe three or four, and my adviser is Tom Ham.

I got in touch with Calton Wealth and Tom Ham originally because I was concerned about some of our assets that weren’t performing as well as they should have been, and I wanted to consolidate my holdings for the future.

Tom was working in the same company as my solicitor, and that was how the link was made. Subsequently, Tom set up Calton Wealth Management and I moved with him to Calton Wealth simply because I felt the service that you provided with the original company was very good indeed.

I originally chose Tom, because he was very straightforward, very up to speed on where financial management should be, and I felt a human connection there, and we got on well. He’s very easy to connect with and he explains things really well, not overcomplicated, which was really, really reassuring.

The best thing that I find about working with Tom and Calton Wealth is that they are easy to get a hold of and respond really quickly, with sensible and, more importantly, up-to-date information upon which you can make reasoned, and hopefully very successful choices.

I feel reassured working with Tom and Calton Wealth Management, simply because I felt that the service I’d been given was good. It was personal. If there were any issues, they were dealt with very quickly indeed. The direction of movement of some of the holdings I had was good, and the performance had been very good indeed, so I was very satisfied staying with Tom and Calton Wealth.

The three phrases I would use in connection with my dealings with Tom would be that he is very professional in his attitude, he is up to speed on market movements, and above all, he’s very reassuring and accessible.

Financial futures are obviously difficult because they go up and they go down. I feel much more confident because the holdings that Tom has been managing have been performing well, despite very difficult circumstances over the last couple of years. I’ve been very satisfied and much more reassured that they are in good hands.

In the time I’ve been in connection with Tom and Calton Wealth, I think the best piece of advice that I’ve had would be to move a personal pension from a fund that wasn’t performing very well into one that is performing very well indeed. It’s that up-to-date and current information and action that is so reassuring.

I would have no hesitation recommending Calton Wealth to friends or family simply because my experience has been very professionally handled, and it’s accessible and with that personal touch.

I find it reassuring to know my finances are in good hands.