Passing on wealth

If you want to ensure that your family and friends are the main beneficiaries of your hard earned wealth then we can help you achieve that goal.

Providing for yourself and protecting future generations

You may be in a strong financial position from saving hard earned money or selling a business you’ve worked hard to grow. You may now be thinking about two things:

  1. How to use that wealth to provide the lifestyle you want to live
  2. How to pass on that wealth to loved ones in a tax efficient manner

Our goal as your Trusted Advisers is to help you pass on your wealth whilst still meeting your own needs in the most appropriate, tax efficient manner. We can advise on inheritance tax liability and how to minimise the impact on your estate. We will provide the answers you need for peace of mind.

Each of our clients has their own set of unique requirements. Therefore, every financial plan we create is tailored to that individual. The process we go through is highly consultative. Our main aim to begin with is understand you and your wishes. We then follow up with an analysis of your assets and liabilities and develop your plan, which we review on a regular basis. This is often a collaborative process too, so we’re well used to working with your existing advisers such as solicitors and accountants.

During this process we’ll be with you throughout giving you the support you need to be confident you are realising your objectives and working in the best interests of you and your loved ones.

Common questions you may be asking at this stage

  • Can I gift assets to reduce the size of my taxable estate?

  • Can my life insurance policy help to pay the tax bill upon my death?

  • How can I use a trust to reduce the amount of inheritance tax I pay?

  • When is the right time to transfer my wealth?

  • Do I currently have any Inheritance Tax Liability?

  • How much could I gift now Vs in my will?

Your Journey

What our clients say…

Working with Tom has made our life in retirement exactly what we wanted it to be.

Mr & Mrs Patrick

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Tom wanted to understand what we wanted of our life, before looking at the numbers.

Mr Hartley

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I find it reassuring to know my finances are in good hands.

Prof. Hansom

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I'm able to maintain the lifestyle I want while planning out my ideal financial future.

Mr Nagarajah

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