Approaching retirement

We know a financial plan will help you live the life you’re wanting to lead, enjoying everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve and will give you peace of mind and confidence.

Taking the complexity out of retirement

You may be getting to that stage when, after working hard to build up wealth, you start thinking about whether you have enough money to retire to do what you want to do.

You may be wondering if what you have is enough, you may not want to fully retire or you may want to travel and not have to think about finances. It’s a daunting time but it’s also an exciting time. This is when you can get real value out of putting a strategy together so you have clarity over your future.

We specialise in building and implementing financial plans in exactly this situation and have had years of experience helping you gain clarity and confidence in what can seem like a confusing and opaque situation.

Common questions you may be asking at this stage

  • Am I saving enough for my retirement?

  • What will my life look like when I retire?

  • Will I have enough to live the life I want in retirement?

  • How do I plan and budget for what I’d like to do?

  • How do I combine all my pensions together in an efficient manner?

  • What are the available tax breaks?

Your Journey

What our clients say…

Working with Tom has made our life in retirement exactly what we wanted it to be.

Mr & Mrs Patrick

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Tom wanted to understand what we wanted of our life, before looking at the numbers.

Mr Hartley

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I find it reassuring to know my finances are in good hands.

Prof. Hansom

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I'm able to maintain the lifestyle I want while planning out my ideal financial future.

Mr Nagarajah

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